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Have you ever wanted to ask a scientist a question, but don't know one personally? Have you ever wondered what all those scientists at Stanford do all day? Do you wonder what being a scientist really means, or what kinds of people become scientists? Well here is your chance to get some answers! We will be featuring Stanford scientists from different fields, backgrounds, and places, who are here to answer all of your questions! 

Learn about our current featured Stanford Scientists and their research below. Click the "Check out their Science!" button to read about their work and submit a question. Our scientists will try to answer questions on a weekly basis, so check back in a week or so to see if your question was posted!

**Please do not submit requests for research experience via our website. If you are interested in working in a lab at Stanford check out the Office of Student Outreach website **

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Erin S.

Graduate Student in Developmental Biology

Erin studies how stem cells make decisions to ensure that the right kinds of cells are made at the right time in the gut of the fruit fly!

Bryan C.

Graduate Student in Immunology

Bryan studies how cells in the brain that fight off disease end up causing sickness instead.

Dave G.

Graduate Student in Genetics

Dave studies how your cells use different parts of their DNA to

do different things.

Leighton W. 

Graduate Student in Geophysics

Leighton studies volcanoes! He places specialized microphones around volcanoes to listen to the sounds that they make.

Nicholas W.

Postdoctoral Scholar in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Nicholas studies how drugs of abuse like cocaine change the brain, and how altering brain activity can affect our behavior.

Sharlene F.

Postdoctoral Researcher in Neural Engineering

Sharlene studies how the brain controls how we move! For her research, she works with people who are tetraplegic to design robots that interface with their brains in an effort to restore limb movement!

Griffin G.

Graduate Student in Applied Physics

Griffin studies plasma physics! He uses powerful lasers to understand plasmas in space and how plasmas can be used to help people on Earth. 

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