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Stanford Science Penpals

Inspiring underserved students by connecting them with strong science mentors

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Stanford Science Penpals at a Glance

Stanford Science Penpals connects 6th-12th graders across the U.S. to Stanford scientists. Our goal is to expose kids to diverse scientific careers, answer science questions, and share our love of science! Penpal exchanges start in September and end in June. We encourage graduate students and postdocs from all scientific disciplines to sign-up to be a penpal. We are also always looking for teachers to collaborate with.

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For teachers

Find resources on our program and learn how to become involved


For Stanford scientists

Information on how to become an inspirational penpal



Updates from Stanford students and our partnered classrooms

Teachers and students love Stanford Science Penpals!

"WOW! My students just read through their letters -- WOW. They are beyond excited!"

"MINE is a chemist!”

"EVERY single student had a HUGE grin on their face the entire class period. Thank you so much for everything you're investing into this. The impact is already palpable."

"I can relate so much to her!”

"There is SO much excitement bursting from my classroom when your letters are involved!"

 "She likes soccer AND hiking! It's like, me too!”

"My students are LOVING the experience."

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