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Meet the Team


Alyssa Benjamin 1.jpg

​​I use stickleback fish as a model system for studying evolution. Specifically, I'm interested in how fragile DNA regions (DNA sequences that break and mutate at high rates) contribute to adaptive traits in sticklebacks. A fun fact about me is that I like doing art and recently taught myself how to crochet!

Alyssa Benjamin


Mai Dvorak 2.jpeg

My research is focused on the human gut microbiome, which consists of trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi! I am specifically researching how these microbes interact with the human immune system to trigger disease. Outside of school, I love to figure skate, garden and play with my pup Winnie.
Other roles: School Liaison

Mai Dvorak

School Liasons


My research is focused on the dynamics and rheology of very dense colloidal suspensions and glasses. The ultimate goal of my work is to understand the role of glassy behavior in regulating metabolism in bacteria cells. I was on TV twice as an undergrad when they panned the crowd of Michigan football games. Go Blue!


Gabe 1.jpg

Originally from Puerto Rico by way of Boston, I’m now a PhD student in Developmental Biology. My doctoral research focuses on stem cells that give rise to the microscopic pores plants use to breathe. How do these cells make a pore? And when and where on the plant body do they act?

Gabriel Amador


Eric Wong.jpg

I am a first gen PhD student in Developmental Biology. I use fruit fly testis as a model system for adult stemcell linage. I am particulary focusing on the role of alternative mRNA isoforms. How do stemcells decide which isoform to express? Do these cell-type specific isoform confers unique cell-type specific behaviors?

Eric Wong

Elizabeth Park 1.jpeg

At Stanford, I am making and using tools to study sodium channel biology. Sodium channels are important in a lot of different diseases, from pain and epilepsy to multiple sclerosis. But I am also interested in all things related to neuroscience and structural biology! Outside of research, I enjoy knitting, drawing, and making all types of air fryer cuisine.

Maggie Braunreuther

Elizabeth Park

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