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Three new scientist profiles added to Stanford Ask a Scientist!

Stanford Ask a Scientist is now featuring three new Stanford scientists who are eager to answer your science questions! Dave G. and Leighton W. are graduate students and Nicholas W. is a post-doc here at Stanford. This brings us to a total of six scientists available to answer your questions, and more are on the way!

Dave G. studies how DNA structure influences gene expression in the Genetics department. He is really excited to talk to you about how he studies how T-Cells change their DNA accessibility during an infection here!

Leighton W. studies volcanoes in the Geophysics department. He is excited to talk to you here about how he studies the sounds volcanoes make to try to when they might erupt!

Nicholas W. studies how connections in your brain are changed by drug usage in the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences department. He is eager to talk to you here about the techniques he uses to label neurons in the brain and how he uses them to study connections between neurons.

All three of these scientists are working on some really cool research. Check out their profiles on the Stanford Ask a Scientist page to learn more about them and their research or ask them any questions you may have!

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