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Introducing Stanford Ask a Scientist!

Hello Science enthusiasts!

Have you ever wanted to ask a scientist a question, but don't know one personally? Have you ever wondered what all those scientists at Stanford do all day? Do you wonder what being a scientist really means, or what kinds of people become scientists? Well here is your chance to get some answers!

I have been working on a new and exciting component of the Stanford Science Penpals website that I would like to officially launch and introduce to you today called Stanford Ask a Scientist! We will be featuring Stanford scientists from different fields, backgrounds, and places, who are here to answer all of your questions! These scientists will be sharing their science with you in our Featured Scientist profiles. Here you can learn fun facts about the scientists, what they are currently studying, and what kinds of questions they are asking in their research. Finally, you will have the opportunity to ask these scientists whatever questions you want by clicking a link in their profiles. Responses will be posted at regular intervals so check back to learn the answers to your questions!

Our first featured scientist guessed it! Me! Click here to check out what I study at Stanford and to read the answers to some really awesome questions I received from Ian Gauthier's middle school class in Colorado! Ian's students are also currently participating in our Penpals program too. This first Q&A period will probably be open for awhile as I recruit more scientists to answer your questions. Stanford affiliated scientists (PIs, Postdocs, grad students, Techs, etc), if you would like to participate, please fill out this form!

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